A couple of people I talked to had pillows. I'd never thought of that; What an elegant and practical solution to the dependence dilemma!

Tom, a 22 year old education student, told me about his pillow at Brownies (where, coincidentally, graffiti in the bathroom reads "Linus exists! In the blanket of my dick.")

"I have a pillow that I've had for my entire life," he said. "It's very thin and dirty looking but then that describes a lot of things I own." Oh yeah, his parents were hippies. "I don't have a name for it or anything," he hastened to add.

People with pillows are quick to assure you of the anonymity of their cushions. "It doesn't have a name or anything," echoed Carrie, a 27 year old web mistress. "I still have it except it doesn't look much like a pillow anymore. It's the sort of thing you hide when people come over."

"My Roommate has a rug." she added. "Poor Chris. He's got this dumb little rug."