Guess who?

"Call me anything you want, just don't call me old-fashioned!" says Morgan de la Famaglia with a jaunty twinkle in his eye. Morgan has been on the cutting edge of the art and technology scene since his days at Oxford, where he majored in Advanced Irrelevance. His squat, hunchbacked, three-foot-six frame is no indication of the towering creative giant therein. "It's all in how you think of yourself," he says modestly, making no mention of his brave championship of rights for the handicapped and his weekend work with blind orphans. Although a frequent subject of business magazine profiles, Morgan really comes out to shine at night: "Look out, everybody — it's Morgan, the macarena-maniac!" is frequently heard at New York's most popular dance clubs. Friend to the animals and everybody's best pal, Morgan de la Famaglia brings his own special aroma to the STIM offices. The perfume, under the brand name "Hostility," is on sale in the STIM lobby during normal business hours.