Guess who?

My alter ego is a redheaded college professor. She wears Dolce & Gabbana suits and seems very mysterious to her students. She is a professor of art history but as a side job she moonlights as a CIA operative investigating the black market in stolen art. She speaks Russian, French, Japanese, and several African dialects. Museum curators operating on the dark side, or wealthy collectors attempting an insurance scam are the first lulled by her fancy demeanor, but then she whips out the cuffs and arrests them! Her specialty is Rembrandt, and she was recently instrumental in exposing a few members of the Rembrandt Committee (an international group of art historians who determine provenance for Rembrandts and pseudo-Rembrandts) who had been "turned" and were authenticating fakes, then insuring them for large amounts of money and arranging to have them stolen.

She is rarely thanked for her work. Her job is best done when no one notices it is even happening. This makes her sad, but she knows she does what she does for the good of the world.