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Blue-Eyed Angel

For two months, my indie-rocker college pal Mick wooed Jayne—a fashion design student with blonde hair, leopard fur, and lots of eyeliner framing her peepers. "Her eyes, David. Look at those acid blue eyes!" he used to whisper to me. Finally, at a party he presented her with a poem all about her vision things. I can't remember it now, but I'm sure the word "cerulean" was in there somewhere. Mick and Jayne moved in together. His pet name for her? "Blue-eyed angel." Only thing is, Jayne's eyes were secretly brown. The magic of colored contacts! Eight months later, she still hadn't revealed her true retinal shade. "My eyes are darker in the morning," she sometimes claimed. Finally, on a vacation, Mick discovered the secret saline solution. Tears were shed, or perhaps Jayne's contacts were just dirty, and he reassured her that he still loved her. Eventually they split due to "artistic differences." But guess what color eyes Mick's next girlfriend had?

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