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Indy Rock Love Song

The summer I turned 18, my new pal Seth was digging this cute goth girl named Starla. She always dated the older guys though—the ones whose bands had moved from playing the basement of their crash-houses to the basements of seedy clubs. One night though, Seth and I were going to see Siouxsie play and somehow he convinced Starla to be his date. When Seth was in the bathroom applying his eyeliner, Starla and I got on the subject of Jane's Addiction. She was a big Jane's fan, even before Nothing's Shocking came out. Starla got really excited when she told me that she had recently acquired a Jane's bootleg that included the band covering a Bauhaus song.

Me: "I have that tape too! Isn't it awesome?"
Starla: "So rare. Perry at his finest. Did Seth dub it for you?"
Me: "No, Seth and I were at a cheesy record convention last week and we each chipped in $5 to buy the tape from some guy."
Starla: "Really? Seth told me he recorded the tape directly from the mixing board when he was on tour with Jane's last year!"
Me: "Oh that tape. I was thinking of a different one."

Starla left the Siouxsie show with a roadie. Seth and I grew apart. Quickly.

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