Margie Borschke, 1996.
Mixed media: mirror, pubic hair, Jolen's Bleach, Persian Hair Remover applicator strips, red circular saw photo, a Judy Blume pocket novel, tweezers, hairless adult doll, doll heads, bead curtain, ribbon, and Belgian lace.



"After my bath I was supposed to go to my room and rest so I'd be in good shape for the party. I went to my room and closed the door—only I didn't feel like resting. What I did was move my desk chair in front of my dresser mirror. Then I stood on the chair and took off my robe. I stood naked in front of the mirror. I was starting to get some hairs."

—from Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, by Judy Blume

Interviewer: What is your worst fault?
Job applicant: I work too much and I have body hair issues.
Interviewer (nervously): What kind of issues?
Job applicant: I hate body hair but also hate that you don't want me to have any. Have I mentioned that I'm a perfectionist?
Interviewer: Would you be able to contain those issues to, say, a corner of your cubicle?
Job applicant: Why yes. I work well under structural limitations.
Interviewer: Good. This cubicle is your public/private space--emphasis on the public. We're happy to have women around the office, as long as they don't draw attention to their sex too often. You'll be a good neutered girl won't you?
Job applicant: I'll try to keep the ribbons and leg wax to a minimum.
Interviewer: Well then, welcome aboard!

Job applicant (to friend on the telephone): I got it!


I Like This One, but Please Shave Award