Morgan Nöel and Wellington Fan, 1996
Mixed media: twine, waxed paper, velcro, lots of electrical tape and funky-smelling markers (and one paper Parrot).

Pigs  (no audio)


The Visitor is enveloped by a dark mass of gently swaying blackness. The void is punctuated only by the random bits of matter floating idly by, suspended in their orbits by nearly invisible threads. Real freedom? No. Each bit of matter is bound tightly to its locus, held there by another, higher up in the hierarchy. Those satellites, too, are held in their orbits by meta-satellites, and the meta-satellites by meta-meta-satellites. My friends, this monumental piece begs the question: Are any of us really free? Does anybody really know what time it is? And does anybody really care? Or like the Raven, will we remain stationary observers, stuck, nay, suctioned-cupped to the Observation Table of Life as the paper cups orbit endlessly about their meaningless orbits?


Crafty Award