Stephanie Brown, 1996
Mixed media: phone, computer, butcher paper, crayon.


People talk about obsession like it's something scary or mental...something that makes you a walking time bomb...something that puts the object of your obsession at risk. I like to think of obsession as the highest form of flattery that one person can bestow upon another. Only those whom you truly admire can infest your every thought, taunt you with their every move, seduce you with their every restraining order. I mean, this person deserves your undivided attention! He still loves you! He is just confused! And that is why you must take him out...excuse me. For those of you who would like observe the object of your "admiration," I have a few very important tips I would like to pass on to you, the future obsessed:

  • Beware of Caller ID.
  • Night Vision...should be your vision.
  • Always use a rifle scope.
  • When you watch him sleeping through the hole you've made in the wall of his closet, don't rush him with a pillow.
  • Bring a snack.
  • When they find you, just close your eyes. That way no one can see you
  • When you're out "observing" for the first time, just keep repeating to yourself the phrase that got me through my first bouts of nausea:
Sly like a Fox,
Sneaky like a mouse,
In a few seconds I'll be in your house.

Like Daddy always used to say, "Obsession is a tradition that should be passed on like a kidney stone."


UnaBomb Award