You weren't fired, you were:

let go




involuntarily separated from payroll

released of resources

given a career change opportunity

career transitioned

part of a normal payroll adjustment

a focused reduction

on no-pay status


an ongoing effort to streamline operations

part of restructuring



work reengineered

It wasn't a lie, it was:

a strategic misrepresentation

the result of fictitious disorder syndrome

terminological inexactitude

reality augmentation

a misstatement

an inaccurate statement

incomplete information

being economical with the truth

It's not killing in combat, it's:



collateral damage

servicing the target

decommissioning the aggressor

violence processing

a surgical strike

sanitizing the area

exceeding the threshold of physiological damage

substantive negative outcome


Wayne Grytting, editor of the highly-recommended American Newspeak, a website that chronicles the latest in Orwellian utterances, has called doublespeak "conceptual downsizing."

And yes, believe it or not, all the doublespeak used in this article first appeared in real world contexts by people expecting to be taken seriously.

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