Some liars are born; some are made. Unless you can walk on water, you've probably bent, beaten, or at least smacked the truth around a bit in your lifetime. Some people, because of their jobs, have to deal with lies and liars everyday. Here at STIM World Headquarters, we decided to get up close and personal with some of the most lied-to professions around. We talked to a teacher, a cop, a private investigator, an IRS auditor, an INS officer, a customs officer, and a real estate agent. These aren't the only lied-to professionals on the planet, but they're the ones we found who had something interesting to say.



The problem with lies is that they are fractal: they have infinite depth. Where does one lie end and another begin? Our heroes, as well as our spiritual and political leaders, are all easy liars. Pictures lie. Words lie. There is at least one lie in this article. Of course, this might be it.