The Italians may have invented paparazzi, but French women can play the glamour game with unique aplomb. Dress, hair, and jewels should be simple and clean: leave the sequins to the American glitterati, and proclaim your wealth, taste, and status with the most classic of accessories—furs. Here, our model uses a mink stole ($15, St.Vincent de Paul) to achieve the Parisian glow. Larger, warmer pieces are best left to older women in New York or the Ukraine.

The accomodating mink has many uses. Your American identity will surely be discovered if you've shaved off your body hair. When you don't have time to grow out your underarms, just detach a mink from your stole. Tucked discreetly into your dress, your fuzzy friend peeks out from your faux-hairy armpit for that genuinely Continental look.


The glamourous Parisienne spends much of her time far from the city. To achieve a drowsy chic that says "I just meandered off a Mediterranean nude beach and aren't I fabulous?" make sure you have a carcinogenic tan at all times. When possible, appear nude or topless at casual beaches (use breast reduction surgery as necessary to achieve a truly chic French décolletage); a wide-brimmed hat is optional.

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